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ErgonomiX™ Desk Chair

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Shocking Comfort.

Get ready to rock your seating experience like never before. Say goodbye to dull chairs that leave you feeling drained and wave hello to the ErgonomiX™ Chair. Time to embrace a chair that has your back (literally!)

In short:

  • Improved posture: No more neck and back pain!
  • Increased productivity
  • Easy to assemble
  • Designed for standard height desks and supports up to 220lbs (100kg)

Posture Power-Up

Inspired by legendary designers Hans Christian Mengshoe, Peter Opsvik, and Oddvin Rykke, our ErgonomiX™ Chair places your legs at a magical 120° angle. This positioning opens up your hips, relieves pressure on your tailbone, and keeps your back and neck in perfect alignment. And voila! No more pain.

Active Sitting

While our ErgonomiX™ Desk Chair was designed for the kneeling position, we encourage you to let your body move, stretch, and find its comfortable sweet spot. You can sit on the top seat with your legs tucked back or adopt a more traditional sitting style with your feet on the floor. Get creative and embrace the power of movement! Plus, the rocking base engages your core muscles, making sitting an adventure filled with smiles and comfort.

Supercharge Your Productivity

Wave goodbye to distracting discomfort and unlock your full productivity potential. By sitting on our ErgonomiX™ Chair, you'll relieve pressure on your spinal discs and align your back, shoulders, and neck. Say hello to improved focus, less stiffness, and a productivity boost like never before.

Assemble with a Smile

No need for help to assemble this chair. We've made the process a breeze! With our clear instructions and included tools, you'll have your ErgonomiX™ Chair up and ready for action in just 15-20 minutes. Quick assembly means more time to enjoy your newfound comfort!

Pro tip: To maximize your comfort and boost your seating experience, pair our ErgonomiX™ Desk Chair with any other product from our amazing ErgonomiX™ line. Get ready to create a seating oasis of pure joy!
*DISCLAIMER: Your body may need a little time to adjust to the new sitting position, so don't be alarmed if you experience some initial discomfort. Take breaks, listen to your body, and soon you'll be soaring in ergonomic bliss!*

How to Assemble It

Don't worry, we've got your back (and your assembly needs) covered. Our ErgonomiX™ Chair comes with a handy manual and all the tools you need to assemble it in just 20 minutes. No experience required – just follow the instructions and have a blast!


Does it come already assembled?

Nope, but don't fret! Our ErgonomiX™ Chair is a fun DIY project that you can easily assemble in 20 minutes. We provide all the tools you need for a seamless experience.

What tools are needed to assemble it?

An Allen wrench, which we provide.

How much weight can it support?

Our ErgonomiX™ Chair can support up to 100kg, or 220 lbs.


We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee (from the day you receive it), no questions asked. You will have plenty of time to try our ErgonomiX™ Chair and see if it is a good fit for you.


Our ErgonomiX™ Chair is covered by a 12-month warranty, starting from the date of purchase.