Could The ErgonomiX™ Chair Be The Key To Your WFH Success?

Have you adjusted to the new norm of working from home? While your productivity levels may be back on track, how is your body feeling? Is that kitchen chair causing discomfort? Are you experiencing back pain and cramping while hunching over your laptop? And what about your tight hip flexors? We understand. Your body is undoubtedly feeling the effects of this quarantine lifestyle, especially if your workplace provided you with a comfortable office chair that you're now missing.

According to the International Journal of Industrial Ergonomics, 76 percent of people suffer from musculoskeletal symptoms due to poor office setups when working from home.

But here's some good news: You don't have to sacrifice comfort while working from home. The ErgonomiX™ Chair could be the solution you need. Not only does it provide excellent ergonomic support, but it's also a space-saving option compared to traditional chairs. With its innovative design, the ErgonomiX™ Chair doesn't require a backrest, making it effortlessly slide under your newly designated home office space, like your breakfast nook.

At Ergo X Tech, we often receive numerous inquiries about our ErgonomiX™ Chairs. However, with current circumstances, the questions and concerns have multiplied. The most common question we encounter is, "But what does an ErgonomiX™ Chair actually do?"

There are various misconceptions surrounding the purpose and benefits of our chairs. People often wonder if it hurts their knees or if it's harmful to their hips. Let's clear up these assumptions and delve into the true essence of the ErgonomiX™ Chair.

The kneeling chair revolutionized the concept of sitting when it first emerged. Prior to its introduction in the '70s, the chair industry had remained relatively stagnant. It can easily be considered the most groundbreaking chair design of the 20th century—perhaps even since the invention of the throne itself.

What makes the ErgonomiX™ Chair so radical is its direct challenge to deeply ingrained cultural sitting habits. It keeps us guessing by positioning us between sitting and standing, without a backrest to lean against. It's not quite a stool, yet it's more than a chair.

Originally exported from Norway to America in the 1980s, the kneeling chair has gradually gained recognition in American culture. However, the adoption has been slow. At Ergo X Tech, we aim to change that.

Experience the Benefits of the ErgonomiX™ Chair

If you're seeking a solution to alleviate stress on your lower back caused by sitting in conventional right-angle chairs, our ErgonomiX™ Chair is here to help. By dropping the knees and placing our thighs at an oblique angle in relation to our spines (around 120-125 degrees), sitting upright becomes effortless. This unique positioning enables us to eliminate the need for a chair back. When someone sits in an ErgonomiX™ Chair for the first time, the common response is, "Ah, this feels nice!" The newfound obtuse angle of their hips allows their spine to align naturally.

This discovery, highlighting the balanced muscular effort when the legs are at an oblique angle to the spine, led to the creation of the ErgonomiX™ Chair. It truly is a game-changer.

Furthermore, another sitting innovation inspired by perching has emerged, offering similar biochemical advantages. Researchers agree that the lower back, when seated, should mimic the position that occurs naturally when sitting on a high stool or lying down on your side in bed. The 135-degree relationship between the spine and legs, known as the 'horse' position in martial arts, enhances stamina and flexibility. This posture, also referred to as the "position of mechanical advantage" by posture expert F.M Alexander, mirrors the position the human body assumes in zero gravity. It's an effortless alignment.

How to Sit on an ErgonomiX™ Chair

The beauty of the ErgonomiX™ Chair is its adaptability to individual preferences. There is no one right way to sit on it. The only rule is to find a position that feels stable and secure for you. Initially, it may feel slightly awkward and unfamiliar, but with a few tries, it becomes as natural as sitting in any other chair.

It's important to note that adjusting to an ErgonomiX™ Chair involves not only a mental shift but also a physical adjustment. Time and time again, individuals approach our chairs with skepticism. A momentary hesitation, a glimmer of fear in their eyes, and a thought of "Am I going to fall over?" crosses their minds. However, they quickly realize that they can sit correctly on the chair from the very first attempt.

As they cautiously rock back and forth, they experience a sense of relief. Their posture adjusts, and they examine how the chair benefits their body. They silently compare it to their current chair, the one they spend most of their time in.

With an exclamation of "Wow! This is actually really nice!" they continue rocking, discovering the effortless angle that their hips achieve in the ErgonomiX™ Chair. They experiment with their shoulder placement, realizing that they no longer need to constantly readjust. They find themselves naturally maintaining a healthy posture.

Their initial doubts are replaced with a confirmation of the chair's comfort. We understand that the ErgonomiX™ Chair may not look like a traditional 9-to-5 chair, but rest assured, it provides the same level of support (and you're unlikely to fall out of it!).

Will the Ergo X Tech Chair Cause Soreness?

If you decide to completely replace your current office chair with the ErgonomiX™ Chair, there are a few things to consider:

#1 - Congratulations! You've made a great and healthy choice for your spine. You will experience the benefits of the chair almost immediately. Get ready to become the envy of your office or home!

#2 - Don't be surprised if you experience some shin and back muscle tenderness initially. This is normal and temporary.

Think of it as a good massage. After visiting a massage therapist, you might feel sore the next day and require an Epsom salt bath. However, in the long run, you'll feel much better. The tenderness you might experience in your shins and upper back is a sign of your body realigning and adapting to the ErgonomiX™ Chair. You'll be engaging muscles that have been neglected for a long time. Your spine will adjust to its new position, and your legs will adapt to supporting your weight in this manner. You may feel a slight bruised sensation in your shins, but remember that this is temporary and expected.

It's similar to starting a new workout routine. Regardless of your fitness level, you'll feel the effects the next day. You'll notice muscles that usually receive less attention. We recommend starting slowly and gradually increasing the time you spend in the ErgonomiX™ Chair over a week or until your body fully adjusts. Remember, there are no strict rules on how to enjoy your chair—what matters most is that you find it comfortable.

Can You Fully Replace Your Desk Chair with an Ergo X Tech Chair?

When adjusting to a full-time ErgonomiX™ Chair it's advisable to keep your old chair within reach, at least for the first week. It's better to play it safe in case you find yourself distracted by the changes your body is undergoing.