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ErgonomiX Portable Laptop Stand

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This ErgonomiX™ Portable Laptop Stand is only offered as a gift for every purchase of an ErgonomiX™ Desk Chair, and thus cannot be sold separately.  Any order consisting of only our free ErgonomiX™ Portable Laptop Stand will automatically be cancelled.

Get rid of bad posture.

First, we have 3 simple questions for you:

  • Do you sit at your desk jutting your head forward to look more closely at your laptop screen?
  • Do you find that posture uncomfortable?
  • Do you experience neck and back pain from it?

You've probably answered YES to these 3 questions, or else you would not be on this page, right?

Now, forget those bulky, heavy, clumsy laptop stands. We have designed the perfect solution for your comfort, usable anywhere, anytime. 

Introducing our ErgonomiX™ Portable Laptop Stand. 

Expertly designed to prevent neck and back pain by raising your laptop to eye-level, everywhere you go.


  • No More Neck and Back Pain: You won't believe how comfortable it feels.
  • Compact, Lightweight and Foldable: Complete Portability.
  • Universal Use: For laptops up to 15,6", but also tablets, books...
  • Easy Height Adjustment: To suit your preferences.
  • Premium Aluminum Construction and Open-Air Design: Quality combined with airflow.
  • 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

No More Pain

Our ErgonomiX™ Portable Laptop Stand guarantees a level of comfort never achieved before by raising your screen to eye level, preventing you from a bad sitting posture and protecting the health of your neck and back.


 Compact, Lightweight and Foldable

Weighting only 200 grams with a 1,4 cm thickness and its included carrying sleeve, you can easily fit it into your backpack, briefcase or purse. 

 Universal Use

It can be used with any laptop up to 16,1", but also as a portable stand for tablets or books. Whether for work, gaming or a casual movie session, you will be sure to benefit from its ergonomic design and comfort.

Easy Height Adjustment

Simple to use and designed with 6 levels of inclination, adjustable from 15 to 45 degree, for a perfect comfort. BEST15

Premium Aluminum and Open-Air Design  

Crafted with High-grade Aluminum with Anti-Slip silicone pads, supporting up to 25lbs (12kgs), it also improves the airflow of your laptop to prevent overheating.
We are so confident in the quality of our product that we chose to offer a 30 Days, 105% Money Back Guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your product, please send it back and we will refund you *more* than what you have paid, no questions asked!
(Our product does not include any laptop)