Ergo X Tech was created by Paul, Vincent and Sera, three alumni of one of the most prestigious engineering school in France, CentraleSupélec. For almost 7 years our team has dedicated its expertise, energy and skills to only one profession: tackling daily work life problems, as the members of our team suffer from neck and back pain while working on their laptops. And thus, ErgonomiX, our revolutionary line, was born, soon followed by TechX 

We have decided to put our experience at the service of people all over the world, to satisfy their desire for comfort and well-being. We are committed to carrying out this mission with professionalism.

Passionate about new technologies, we have made it our mission to offer all people in the world the best of innovation in terms of quality, efficiency and safety. Comfort is universal.

Since its creation, Ergo X Tech, part of the DASYNY LTD Group composed of qualified and passionate people, has been pushing back the frontiers of knowledge. Its unique research allows it to constantly explore new products from professional brands, but adapted to everyday life, inspired by fashionable objects from other countries. Comfort is a science.

Facilitating access to products that contribute to well-being without having to spend large sums of money, trusting in the diversity of our teams and the passion that drives them, we aim to constantly innovate in the field of well-being.

 Our ultimate goal is your well-being, with a French Touch!